The auction is closed. Remnants can be purchased in the next 4 weeks in the post-auction sale

- Sending the bid-sheet by mail, fax and e-mail

- Bidding on our online-system while checking the catalogue at “Auction”. You immediately will receive a confirmation of your bid.

- Bidding by phone for single lots please note: phone bidding is only possible for lots with estimates of 500,--€ and more. You have to contact us at least three days before starting of the sale, informing us about the lot numbers and your phone number. We cannot overtake any guarantee for a phone connection.

- Personal participation in the auction. Certainly the most interesting variant, because you must have experienced the atmosphere of an auction just once directly. It runs almost from the way we know it from the movies, but more familiary.

- Live Bidding: Bid live in our auction from your PC or tablet.